New United States Government Study on Blood Pressure

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This week, the results of a recently-completed United States Government study on blood pressure have been summarized in this online story, readily available on The Washington Post website:

The study dealt primarily with systolic blood pressure, which is the upper reading, and not so much with diastolic blood pressure, which is the lower reading. Anecdotally, systolic blood pressure tends to ‘bounce around’ with a person’s mood and current life-stress situation, more than does diastolic blood pressure. The study focused on adults 50 years old and older. It concluded that your systolic blood pressure needs to stay below 120, at least longterm and steady-state, to help you to live a longer lifetime. The United States Government recommendation previous to this study was to keep your systolic blood pressure below 140. Such blood-pressure readings are normally stated in millimeters of mercury, abbreviated as mm/Hg, even though actual glass-tube mercury manometers may not always necessarily have been used to measure them.

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