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Herbal Medicine and You: What You Need to Know PLUS Four Can’t Miss Herbal Remedies

Herbal medicine, also known as botanical medicine, is the use of plants and plant extracts for their medicinal properties. Many of our current pharmaceutical drugs are actually based on compounds isolated from plants.  When used in their whole and original form, herbal medicine is generally better tolerated and just as effective. It is important to note that some botanicals can interfere with prescription medications and a naturopathic doctor is best suited to determine what combinations are best and safe for you.

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Since as early as 3000 BC, cultures such as the ancient Chinese, Egyptians, Africans, and Native Americans have used plants to remedy sickness. Herbal medicine became less popular in the 19th century when scientists began to extract plant parts to create pharmaceuticals. In fact, nearly one fourth of pharmaceuticals we use today originate from botanicals. Now, the World Health Organization says that nearly 80% of people around the world are using herbal medicine in their regular healthcare regimen.

You might even recognize some of the most commonly used herbal medicines: echinacea, St. John’s Wort, garlic, ginkgo, valerian, ginger, milk thistle, and chamomile are just a few examples. Herbs like these can be used for the successful treatment of conditions including allergies, asthma, eczema, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, irritable bowel syndrome, and even cancer.

When using herbal medicine, it’s always important to consider quality. If you’re in the market for a herbal medicine, then you want to ensure you are buying from a reputable manufacturer. Since these herbal medicines are not regulated, there are many companies out there offering less than par quality. Buying from a reputable manufacturer ensures that you will be getting the correct dose and quality without worry of toxicity. Herbs can be found in many forms: teas, oils, tinctures, pills, capsules, and more. If you have questions about what you should be taking, there are plenty of resources. Pharmacists can likely help, as well as an herbalist, chiropractor, naturopathic physician, or medical doctor. A practitioner in Traditional Chinese Medicine can also help answer your questions.

Once you know what you should be taking, then it’s a matter of finding the right manufacturer. You’ll want to do a bit of research to find reviews and testimonials. Learn about the company, how long they’ve been in practice, and what their philosophy is. Look for guarantees on the quality of the herbal medicine you’ll be using. These are all great ways to ensure that you get the best, safest product for your needs.

In this article, we’re going to discuss a few products from one of the most reputable herbal medicine companies in the market, CLE, and how these products can benefit some of the most common medical problems today and offer preventative and ongoing benefits.

Naturally Lower Blood Sugar with Naavudi

Diabetes is an extremely common condition that wreaks havoc on the body’s systems and tissues. CLE created Naavudi to help people with diabetes or pre-diabetes naturally lower their blood sugar levels. Naavudi is a carefully crafted combination of 9 organic plants: malabar kino bark, bitter melon, fenugreek, java plum, indian lilac, kutki root, holy basil, gurmarbooti, and indian bay leaf. Together, these herbs lower high blood sugar and help maintain steady glucose levels; improve insulin sensitivity and blood glucose metabolism; reduce cravings for sweets and carbs; reduce stress; reduce BMI; and lower serum cholesterol. These benefits have been clinically proven in double blind, placebo controlled studies. Naavudi includes the most potent natural blood sugar remedies in one dose that has been optimized to work seamlessly to reduce blood sugar levels. As it stands, more than 100 million Americans are living with diabetes and pre-diabetes. This number seems to be on the rise, but with the right treatments, people everywhere can have healthier blood glucose levels. Naavudi is an excellent additional treatment for blood sugar management and can be partnered with exercise and diet for wonderful benefits. Anyone already taking a medication for blood sugar should consult with their physician before beginning a new treatment.

Stabilize Mood with All-Natural Mood Effex holistic supplement

Natural Mood Supplement

More and more people are being prescribed anxiety medicines and antidepressants, but did you know there is a natural solution to enhancing mood? With CLE All-Natural Mood Effex, the top seven organic herbs shown to have a positive impact on mental health have been combined into a single, powerful dose. Organic ingredients include tribulus terrestris, angelica sinensis root, cyperus rotundus root, albizzia julibrissin durazz flower, morinda officinalis root, and St. John’s Wort. All of these ingredients work together to reduce stress, promote happiness, increase mental awareness and alertness, increase libido, restore a balance between mind and body, promote more restful sleep, and increase circulatory energy to vital organs. With mood and libido enhancing herbs, All-Natural Mood Effect seamlessly alleviates depression, calms racing minds, and calms the stress response. Current reviews show that customers are seeing results in as little as four weeks. If you have considered taking a prescription for mood but you’re interested in trying something natural first, CLE’s All-Natural Mood Effect could be a great alternative to you.

Overall Health with All-Natural CLE Mineral Drops

These specialized drops are designed to nourish your body at a cellular level with a formulation that includes 75 plant-derived essential minerals not created by the body, 18 essential amino acids not produced by the body, 30 organic acids, 5 vitamins shown to increase overall wellness, and highly purified water. Fulvic, a natural and organic mineral shown to bring nutrients to the cells faster, is also included. With an impressive 90%+ absorption rate, All-Natural CLE Mineral Drops ensure that the body is nourished without vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Deficiencies have been linked to conditions including osteoporosis, heart disease, rapid aging, and arthritis. All-Natural CLE Mineral Drops can help prevent these issues while also offering preventative and restorative benefits; a stronger immune system; more energy; pain relief; clear skin; healthy weight management; thicker hair, teeth, and nails; and slowed markers of aging. When it comes to overall health, many people turn to vitamin capsules or pills, but the problem with these are that they don’t always target your body at the cellular level. This means that your body doesn’t receive all of the benefits they could be receiving. With All-Natural CLE Mineral Drops, however, you do receive the targeted nourishment needed to make you feel great.

Lower Blood Pressure Naturally with Alistrol

Supplement for lowering blood pressure

Hypertension, also known as high blood pressure, can be devastating on the body when left untreated. More and more people are turning to herbal medicines to treat blood pressure problems. With CLE’s All-Natural Alistrol, users can rest assured they are receiving a 100% natural supplement that can help manage high blood pressure without any side effects at all. All-Natural Alistrol includes a combination of hawthorn berry extract, tier 1 daikon seed extract, garlic seed extract, and pure holly leaf extract. Reviews from happy customers have shown that results typically occur with four weeks of use. Statistics show that 90% of people have hypertension by the age of 65, and high blood pressure can cause an array of problems, including stroke. Double-blind studies have shown that All-Natural Alistrol lowers and maintains blood pressure levels; promotes a healthier heart muscle; strengthens the arteries; improves blood flow; provides anti-aging benefits; and promotes clear skin. High blood pressure is known as “the silent killer” because problems like heart attack or stroke often happen with little or no warning. CLE All-Natural Alistrol is a great way to avoid blood pressure issues and the other problems that can arise due to hypertension.

Herbal medicines are available through many, many outlets and sources. For nearly any ailment, there is an herbal medicine that promises a solution. One of the best things you can do, as a consumer and to advocate for your own health, is to always do your due diligence. Before taking a new herbal medicine, always research the ingredients on your own to ensure that the compound is what you want to take for your symptoms. Also, double-checking the company to make sure that it’s a reputable manufacturer is extremely important. Last but not least, don’t forget to ask for help from naturopaths, pharmacists, and doctors. If you are already seeing a doctor or being treated for the symptoms you hope to treat with herbal medicine, be sure to ask your physician before beginning anything new. Herbal medicines and pharmaceuticals can sometimes cause side effects when taken together, so you’ll want to clear this with your doctor.

CLE offers a money back guarantee to reassure customers, and the company has also received an NPN (an 8-digit natural product number on each label indicating that the product has been assessed and approved by Health Canada for quality, effectiveness, safety, and legality. All CLE products also include fulvic, an all-natural potency delivery agent that helps get nutrients to the cells more efficiently. This ensures that you get the best results for your investment. If you have been considering herbal medicines for your health, or for a few symptoms, CLE offers an array of products that can be used to promote overall well being, as well as several that target specific issues. www.cleholistichealth.com


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