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About Us

About CLE Holistic Health 

CLE Holistic Health, with its main offices in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, is a purveyor of unique and potent blended 100% natural health remedies. All CLE Holistic Health professional-grade nutritional supplements are licensed by Health Canada and have been distributing within North America and around the world since 2010.

CLE’s varied natural dietary supplements have been widely accepted, and qualified natural-medicine practitioners have endorsed some after substantial clinical medical testing. The natural herbal ingredients in CLE’s supplements have generally been used for centuries, and in most cases for millennia, by traditional natural-medicine healers — Indian Ayurveda, Chinese, Japanese, and Vietnamese, European and Polynesia. They are known to have helped multitudes of people over many centuries to stay healthier, to feel better, and to live longer.

CLE Holistic Health is a ‘vertically-integrated’ company that methodically guides the process of producing its natural supplements at every step of the way, thereby achieving superior final-product uniformity and quality control. All required botanicals are grown organically on CLE’s own farmland plots and are harvested and processed by CLE personnel using CLE’s proprietary methods to obtain highly pure herbal extracts. These extracts are then carefully tested, transported, and stored, and are then precisely blended according to thoroughly proven formulations; then, for many of the products, they are accurately pre-measured into vegetarian capsules — ‘veggie caps.’

More than two dozen standards must be met for each CLE professional-grade nutritional supplements. Any herbal extracts, and even any final products, that fail CLE’s rigorous testing are discarded and are not used nor shipped to customers. CLE’s final products are pure, fully organic, potent, and easy to take — and they work. They are readily assimilated within your body. They generally don’t interact with prescription medications that you may already be taking, so that you don’t have to change whatever medicinal regime you’re already following. And, they’re scientifically sound professional-grade nutritional supplements, tested to be free of pathogens and of adulterants such as pesticides.

CLE distributes its products subject to a 100% guarantee of your full satisfaction. If you’re not happy with one of our natural supplements, you may return it to us and we’ll refund its price to you so you may purchase from us with total confidence. We have experienced a reorder rate of 86% from our customers.

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