High blood pressure is known as the silent killer and is the number #1 risk for stroke and a major risk for heart disease.

Alistrol is an effective all-natural remedy for lowering and maintaining healthy blood pressure while strengthening the heart muscle. In addition, Alistrol increases blood & oxygen flow to all the arteries as well.

Finally, it cleans your blood vessels when taking the daily recommended dosage. It has a 98% success rate - the highest in the industry.

It is a clinically tested and proven remedy providing results within 2-4 weeks. There are no known side effects and can be taken alongside prescribed medications.

Alistrol is supported by customer testimonials and validated by top medical doctors. We provide a 100% satisfaction/money guarantee to our customers and ship worldwide.

In addition, Alistrol is infused with fulvic powder, which carries over 70 nutrients and minerals that your body requires, and is deployed within your cells as a nutrient delivery system while lowering high blood pressure safely and effectively.

There are no less than 30 trillion cells in your body. Each one plays a vital role in keeping you healthy.

One of the most important cycles that keep your body going is that of replacing your cells. When the new cells are created, your body needs to synthesize DNA and this isn’t possible without, you guessed it, minerals.


Health Benefits

  • Double-blind, placebo-controlled studies show that all-natural Alistrol helps:
  • Reduce high blood pressure and maintain healthy blood pressure levels
  • Promote a younger, healthier, and stronger heart muscle
  • Strengthen arteries
  • Improve vascular circulation and blood flow to the heart
  • Increase oxygen flow to the heart muscle and arteries
  • Reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke
  • Safe to use in conjunction with other medications, with no known adverse effects
  • Effective for nine out of ten patients after just one month

Take Control Naturally With Our Non-Prescription Formula!

  • Gluten free natural health supplementsGLUTEN FREE
  • Dairy free natural health supplementsDAIRY FREE
  •  Vegan natural health supplementsVEGAN FRIENDLY
  • Non GMO natural health supplementsNON GMO
  • Organically grown natural health supplementsORGANICALLY GROWN
  • Herbicide free natural health supplementsHERBICIDE FREE
  • Pesticide free natural health supplements PESTICIDE FREE
  • Soy free natural health supplementsSOY FREE

Supplement Facts

  • Gluten free natural supplements for high blood pressureGLUTEN FREE
  • Dairy free natural supplements for high blood pressureDAIRY FREE
  • Vegan natural supplements for high blood pressureVEGAN FRIENDLY
  • Non gmo natural supplements for high blood pressureNON GMO
  • Organic natural supplements for high blood pressureORGANICALLY GROWN
  • Herbicide free natural supplements for high blood pressureHERBICIDE FREE
  • Pesticide free natural supplements for high blood pressure PESTICIDE FREE
  • Soy free natural supplements for high blood pressureSOY FREE

Recommended Dosage

Adults take three (3) veggie capsules, twice a day – three capsules in the morning (before breakfast) and three capsules in the evening (before dinner), as a dietary supplement.



In a double-blind, placebo controlled clinical study, subjects took Alistrol or placebo capsules, three times a day. In this graph, the red bars indicate the average SYSTOLIC BLOOD PRESSURES at the end of 0, 2, 4 and 6 weeks. The blue bars indicate the average DIASTOLIC BLOOD PRESSURES at the end of 0, 2, 4 and 6 weeks. Subject of this study took the ingredients found in Alistrol.

Click Here to Review the Alistrol Clinical Study

Q: Why Is High Blood Pressure Known As the “Silent Killer”?

A: Anyone who has survived a heart attack or stroke due to high blood pressure can tell you that it “just happens,” suddenly, without warning. You can feel entirely normal on any given day and then a sudden heart attack or stroke can leave you with at best a long hospital visit and at worst, as is unfortunately the case for many, death.

Q: Why is all natural Alistrol the best formula to lower high blood pressure?

A: All natural Alistrol is the world’s highest quality natural remedy to lower high blood pressure because all the ingredients are proprietary and grown on our own farms using our patented farming processes which provides the highest % in efficacy. This provides a consistent batch every time. In addition, the Alistrol proprietary formula is clinically tested and proven and provides heart health benefits as well. It increases the blood flow and oxygen flow to the heart muscle and all arteries in general. So if you want to prevent a heart attack or stroke, taking all natural Alistrol daily is ideal. 

Q: Are CLE Holistic Health professional grade nutritional supplements available in retail stores?

A: Our professional grade nutritional supplements are available online, by phone, and from select distributors worldwide. CLE Holistic Health's professional grade nutritional supplements are also distributed via Naturopathic and Chiropractic clinics across North America. But we also ship to customers worldwide via our website.

Q: Is your ordering system secure?

A: Yes. Our ordering page and shopping cart software are encrypted with an up-to-date SSL certificate, meaning that you can shop safely without risking any of your personal information.

Q: When can I expect to receive my products?

A: Please allow 3 - 5 business days for US and Canadian orders and 7 -10 days for international orders, from the day you order to delivery.

Q: Which countries do you ship to?

A: We ship to most English-speaking countries, including the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. If you are unsure whether or not we can ship to your country, please contact us for verification before placing your order.

Q: What name will appear on my credit card statement?

A: Your credit will be billed as CLE Holistic Health

Q: Is shipping discreet?

A: Yes. Your order will be securely and plainly packaged. No information identifying the contents will appear on the shipping label.

Q: Do I have to pay any sales tax?

A: Canadian residents pay 5% H.S.T. Orders shipped outside Canada are tax free.

Q: What are your Shipping & Handling charges?

A: Shipping charges within Canada and the United States is $19.95 USD and the rest of the world is $ 24.95 USD PER ORDER/FLAT FEE, so it’s best value to purchase in bulk or volume - flat rate shipping.

Q: Can you ship to Post Office (P.O.) Boxes?

A: Yes, we can ship to P.O. Boxes.

Q: Can you ship to APO/FPO military addresses?

A: Yes, we can ship to any APO or FPO address.

Q: What is your privacy policy?

A: We will not release your personal information to any third parties. We do not spam, or send unsolicited bulk email. We believe that customer confidentiality is of utmost importance when doing business anywhere. Rest assured that ALL your information is safe with us.

Q: Which Credit/Debit Cards do you accept?

A: We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express and Paypal

Q: Why should I purchase from you?

A: Fast shipment, in-stock product, great customer service, and high quality.

Q: How can I contact you?

A: The quickest and most effective method is to email us at You may speak with our friendly and courteous customer care representative’s by calling TOLL FREE: 1-800-503-7642 (US & Canada only).

Q: What kind of invoice will I receive?

A: Your invoice/receipt will appear on the final page confirming your order and will be copied to you via email.

Q: Do you offer a money-back guarantee? 

A: Yes. If, for any reason, you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, simply return the unused/unopened bottles, opened or not, within 90 days of your invoice date, for a full refund, minus shipping & handling charges:

Returns Dept: Suite 345. 125A-1030 Denman St. Vancouver, BC V6G 2M6 CANADA

Q: Tell me more about Quality Control of your products?

A: The high quality solution can only be made from the purest ingredients. We oversee every step of the manufacturing process, from how we grow our herb crops to how our professional grade nutritional supplements are shipped out to you. We harvest the herbs in every single capsule at the peak of their growing season and under strictly controlled conditions to ensure consistent potency and purity. We are dedicated to the highest standards of quality assurance, from when the first sprouts break through the soil until the moment each bottle arrives at your home. Be assured that our professional grade nutritional supplements are produced in accordance with the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA) of 1994. Not only do our agricultural partners follow international guidelines for Good Agricultural Practices (GAP), but also the Food and Drug Administration have trained also all employees who come into contact with our products in cGMPs (current Good Manufacturing Practices) as defined. We stand behind our product and guarantee your 100% satisfaction.


Jan Guance

Alistrol has been pretty good in terms of keep my blood pressure in check. It takes 4 weeks for me to notice a difference and increased the dosage to 3 capsules in the morning and 2 capsules at night. I don’t have any side effects from taking Alistrol and would say that it does what it says it supposed to. Good product!

Tanya Pinto

I have been using this product for almost a year now to stabilize my blood pressure and I am very pleased with the results.

Bart Gremmen

My Naturopath recommended I take Alistrol and purchased 10 bottles to give it a real go and it has brought down my high blood pressure. It works!

Jonathan Pugh

My blood pressure is way down since taking Alistrol and has no side effects. Its quite effective in that I don’t need to take anything else and feel good with my health. My GP is happy with the results. I am taking 3 capsules twice daily.

Patricia Doyle

I have taken Alistrol for 5 years to keep my blood pressure down and it has worked. I have not had to go on medication from the doctor. No side effects so I can thoroughly recommend this supplement. Initially I was scared of buying on the Internet but can happily say this product does actually lower your blood pressure readings.

Barry Williams

Alistrol is a superb product. I am asthmatic, and so couldn’t use Beta Blockers for my high blood pressure, and the other tablets the doctor gave me caused unwanted side effects. However, the Alistrol has brought my blood pressure down by 20 points to a level which my Doctor is happy with, and these cause no side effects whatsoever. It really has been a blessing for me. Many thanks for a truly wonderful product.

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