Vitamin D3 is the most important D Vitamin

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Vitamin D3, aka Cholecalciferol, is usually considered to be the most-important D Vitamin. Our ancestors, who did not wear many (or any) clothes and mostly lived in warm sunny climates, got their necessary D Vitamins daily from sunlight shining on their skins. Civilized clothing and northern migrations have interfered with that process, and most foodstuffs don’t contain much in the way of D Vitamins. So there is an increasing need for Vitamin-D3 supplements.

Vitami D3 Supplement

CLE Holistic Health offers Vitamin-D3 Supplements blended with mineral trace elements that your body also needs. These supplements are organic and are easily assimilated. Vitamin D3 can improve the following bodily functions:

  • Stronger bones and muscles
  • Better assimilation of Calcium
  • Enhanced brain health, more cheerful mood
  • Improved bodily pH, energy, and joie de vivre
  • Strengthened immune system

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