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Blood Pressure 101

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Alistrol is a natural compound that can help human bodies stabilize the blood pressure within their circulatory systems. It is not known to interact with prescription drugs, and it also acts as an antioxidant and benefits the nervous system.

Blood Pressure Cuff

Blood pressure is usually measured using an inflatable cuff around a patient’s upper arm, connected to a readable pressure-measuring device. A nurse, doctor, or other health-practitioner attendant first inflates the cuff using a squeezable rubber bulb, until blood circulation into the arm has essentially stopped. Then the cuff’s inflation is allowed to gradually decrease, while the practitioner listens to the sound of blood flow in the arm by placing the bell of her or his stethoscope on the inside of the patient’s elbow. The instrument’s reading at the first sound of returning blood flow is the patient’s systolic blood pressure — the blood pressure in the patient’s circulatory system while the patient’s heart is pumping during a heartbeat After the cuff deflates some more, this sound fades, and the reading at that point in time is the patient’s diastolic blood pressure — the blood pressure in the patient’s circulatory system while the patient’s heart is resting between heartbeats.

Sometimes an automatically-sequenced instrument, in which a small mechanical air pump replaces the rubber bulb, is used to take these measurements. When it has finished its reading process, it displays both the systolic and the diastolic blood-pressure readings.

When written down or printed, these two blood-pressure readings are recorded numerically as SSS/DDD SSS for the systolic reading, and DDD for the diastolic reading. The usual pressure units are millimeters of mercury, abbreviated as mm Hg, eves if the pressure-measuring instrument is mechanical rather than an actual glass tube filled with liquid metallic mercury.

Normal blood pressure

Conventional wisdom holds that the ‘normal’ human blood-pressure readings are 120/80. In practice, a person’s current emotional state, recent history of physical activity, and age can affect the two readings considerably — particularly the systolic (higher) reading, which is more likely anyway to be subject to experimental reading error than is the diastolic (lower) reading. Conventional wisdom also holds that a blood-pressure reading of 140/90 or higher is at least ‘prehypertensive’ and is something to worry about. (Although worrying may actually make blood pressure increase!) A reading of much below 60 for diastolic blood pressure may also give rise to some concern, that the patient may faint when he or she stands up. It’s best to simply repeat the reading process when worrisome readings are noticed, to ensure that one is not reacting in alarm to a one-time fluke.

Blood Pressure Supplement

Continued high blood pressure may over time cause strokes, heart damage, and other bodily problems. CLE Holistic Health Alistrol gelcaps are a simple, natural way to help one’s body keep its blood pressure within healthy bounds.

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