Glycosuria Can Mask Diabetes

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Glycosuria in the absence of diabetes is a fairly rare condition. Ir comprises ‘sweet pee’ — glucose spillover into one’s urine; this spillover can sometimes occur in the absence of diagnosed diabetes.

Glycosuria Causes

Glycosuria is believed to be genetically inherited; it is observed to run in families. It was formerly believed that only males were susceptible to it, but that belief apparently no longer holds among medical researchers. It is not believed to cause harm to the bodies of glycosuric folks in and of itself, but a person’s medical history of non-diabetic glycosuria can delay recognizing and diagnosing diabetes if and when the person also become diabetic.

Some medical authorities use the term renal glycosuria for non-diabetic glycosuria, and use glycosuria as a general term for glucose in a person’s urine regardless of whether or not the person has been diagnosed with diabetes.

Consider the case of an actual living male person, who will be referred to here as ‘C1.’ C1’s father and paternal grandfather were both glycosuric, but neither was ever diagnosed as diabetic. C1, while in his twenties, underwent a medical physical examination one morning that required that he submit a urine sample. Before heading to the medical office to take the examination, he ate a huge breakfast, consisting of pancakes and sausages drowning in real maple syrup. The glucose percentage in his urine sample that morning was off the charts, and just about blew away the medical person who was giving him the test. He returned a couple of days later and gave another urine sample, a fasting one this time, and it was quite normal. This sequence of events established that C1 himself was glycosuric, like his father and like his paternal grandfather.

After that episode, C1 coasted along for decades knowing that he had glycosuria, but not suspecting that he also had diabetes on top of his glycosuria. Finally, half a century later, his wise local family doctor made him take a glucose tolerance test. This test comprised drinking down an entire mugful of a substance that resembled sweetened orange wet cement, waiting for a while, and peeing occasionally into a collection beaker. C1 took twice as long to metabolize the glucose in the wet-cement beverage as a normal non-diabetic person would have needed. So C1 found out at that time that he was diabetic, and not merely glycosuric.

Now C1 is living with his diabetes, or at least trying to. He finds that having diabetes is like having a very time-consuming hobby — except, that it’s a hobby that no sane person would actually want!

Glycosuria Treatment

Since Naavudi helps people to control and reduce their blood glucose in general, it can even help folks subject to non-diabetic glycosuria to keep their blood glucose within reasonable limits. And it can also benefit their blood-pressure levels, and help them to guard against the possibility that they will go on to later develop Type II Diabetes.

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