So You Think That You’re Too Young to Have High Blood Pressure?

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You still better have it checked, every once in a while!

A recent United States National Institute of Health study found a disturbing increase in blood pressure among young adults, having risen up to 19% of them:

Blood Pressure Readings

Your Blood Pressure is the force being applied to the walls of your arteries and your veins, by the blood being pumped through them by your heart. It is measured in ‘milli meters of mercury,’ abbreviated as mm/Hg, even if it is being measured by a mechanical pressure sensor rather than by a traditional mercury manometer. Conventional medical wisdom is that healthy adult human blood pressure should be about 120/80, where the first number is your systolic blood pressure — measured during a heartbeat, while your heart is pumping — and the second number is your diastolic blood pressure — measured while your heart is resting between heartbeats.

Anecdotally, your systolic blood pressure can vary with your mood — higher when you are tense and stressed, or lower when you are relaxed. Your diastolic blood pressure may tend to be more stable over time. Your blood-pressure readings will probably be lower right after you have just waked up, and rise after you have been active for a while.

High Blood Pressure Home Remedies

If your blood-pressure readings consistently exceed 140/90. you are considered to have high blood pressure, and  you need to promptly take some actions to lower it. Useful actions may include eating more fruits and vegetables, using less table salt in order to ingest less sodium, losing some weight, exercising more, reducing how much alcohol you drink, and quitting smoking entirely. You should also consult with a competent healthcare practitioner. If your blood-pressure readings consistently fall into the range of between 120/80 and 140/90, you are considered prehypertensive — that is, you don’t yet have high blood pressure, but your body is headed in that direction. You need to halt that blood-pressure creep; high blood pressure can damage your heart, lead to strokes, and cause your kidneys to deteriorate.

You are at greater risk of developing high blood pressure as you get older, if you are substantially overweight, and if you are of African-American descent. You need to stop it before it stops you. CLE Holistic Health Alistrol is a safe herbal supplement, in the form of 500-milligram gel caps, which can help you to manage your blood pressure.

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