Weight and Type 2 Diabetes

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There is Good News and Bad News. The Good News is that, at least in Canada, ‘Low-Fat” foods actually are lower in fat than their equivalent foods that aren’t so labeled. The Bad News is, these ‘Low-Fat’ foods generally aren’t very much, or at all, lower than their equivalent not-so-labeled foods in total calories; their food purveyors have added other extra goodies, mostly carbohydrates, to make up for the now-missing fat. And this sad story is unlikely to be very much different south of the border, in the United States. See this summary of a very comprehensive Canadian study:

Low Fat Diet

So, if you’re one of the numerous folks who have figured out that “Since I’m eating just this low-fat stuff, and this dieting is making me super hungry, I’ll just pig out — consumption-guilt-free!” then don’t be surprised that your waistline has ballooned. It’s really pretty simple; you gain weight whenever you take in more food calories that you burn up during your daily routine. The fact that those calories are from ‘Low-Fat’ foods buttressed with extra carbohydrates doesn’t help you to lose weight, at all. The package label may say reassuring things like “100 per cent fat free,” “zero grams of fat,” “low in fat,” “lean,” or “extra lean” — but your ballooning abdomen may then retort, “Oh yeah?”

To lose weight, you need to either or both

  • eat fewer calories, and/or
  • burn more calories during your daily routine.

There are many varied right, useful ways that you can accomplish these goals. ‘Low-Fat’ foods may be quite helpful to you in this quest — if you don’t yield to the temptation to pig out on them. And you may need to consult with a competent healthcare practitioner.

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