High Blood Pressure Is A Hazard For Women, Too

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Gals, you may still believe that high blood pressure is a testosterone-fueled male disease: That men are more dynamic and hard-charging aggressive than women, dating from way back in ancient times when men had to go out frequently, roaming far and wide, to find and kill enormous woolly mammoths just to get enough meat for their families to eat — while their womenfolk were placidly picking fruits and digging up edible tubers closer to their safer home cave.


High Blood Pressure in North America

During every year since 1984, more North American women have died of cardiovascular diseases, in many cases due to too-high blood pressure, than have men. High blood pressure affects about a quarter of all adult North Americans; many of them don’t know that they have the condition, or at the very least don’t know why they have it. If it isn’t diagnosed and treated. It may cause kidney damage, and it is implicated in heart attacks and strokes.

High Blood Pressure in Women

Half a million women are dying each year of coronary heart disease, more than from any other diagnosed cause. In about sixty percent of those cases, high blood pressure is believed to be at the root of their heart problems. A predominantly-male malady? Not anymore, if it ever was.

High blood pressure, even in its early stages, isn’t difficult to diagnose or to treat. A manometer, or pressure-sensing instrument, connected to an inflatable blood-pressure cuff, is the basic diagnostic tool. Blood-pressure readings are normally stated in millimeters of mercury, abbreviated as mm/Hg, even though mechanical manometers rather than actual glass-tube mercury manometers may have been used to measure them.

Blood Pressure Measurement

Blood-pressure measurements are normally stated as two readings, SSS/DDD, where SSS is the number for systolic blood pressure and DDD is the number for diastolic blood pressure. Systolic blood pressure is a person’s blood pressure as measured during one of their heart’s pumping beats, and diastolic blood pressure is their blood pressure as measured when their heart is resting in between its heartbeats.

The United States Government’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention consider a ‘perfect’ blood-pressure reading for a healthy adult person to be 120/80. A person’s reading for systolic blood pressure is, anecdotally, more likely to be subject to experimental error and to the effects of their current moods than is the patient’s reading for diastolic blood pressure. Even the stress of a doctor visit and its associated waiting-room wait may raise a patient’s reading for systolic blood pressure by as much as a couple of dozen points — at least, temporarily. Recent exercise and aging may also raise both blood-pressure readings.

So, Gals, you too have to concern yourselves with your blood pressure readings. Which is not to say that you guys are off the hook on this subject. even if you no longer have to hunt down and kill woolly mammoths for your families’ dinners. Regardless of your gender, you need to find out if you’re one of those One-In-Four adults with high blood pressure. And, if you are, you need to do something about it.

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