Magnesium Is Good For You

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Magnesium is a lightweight metal, number 12 in the periodic table of chemical elements. It is one of the commonest elements in the Earth’s crust, and also in seawater. Human bodies need the most Magnesium, by weight, of any essential mineral — 300 to 400 milligrams every day, for adults. Fortunately, it is a common constituent of many popular foods, and consequently Magnesium deficiency is quite uncommon even among fast-food-crazy North American folks. But it can happen to people, and it’s no fun for them when it does.

Magnesium is a crucial nutrient

Although it may be surprising news to many folks that Magnesium is a crucial human-body nutrient, those whose childhoods included receiving and fooling around with chemistry sets may remember having a coil of Magnesium ribbon. Breaking off a small piece of this ribbon, and lighting it with a flame, caused it to burn brightly, white-hot.  Unsurprisingly, Magnesium is commonly used as an ingredient in flares of various kinds. Alloyed with other metals, such as Aluminum, it is less flammable and is widely used as a lightweight structural material.

Magnesium Rich Foods

To be sure that you are getting enough Magnesium in your diet, eat lots of uncooked green veggies. Magnesium is an essential constituent of chlorophyll, which is what makes green veggies green; and cooking your veggies with water dissolves out much of the Magnesium. Also eat avocados, spinach, almonds, cashews, peanut butter, soybeans, oatmeal, whole-grain bread, raisins — and halibut. Doesn’t sound hard at all. Halibut sashimi, anyone? Yum! Also, maybe you should quit spending your hard-earned money on little plastic bottles of drinking water; tap water is another fine source of Magnesium, particularly if it’s ‘hard water.’ But you still may need to eat some extra Magnesium-rich foods if you’re Diabetic, particularly if you’re taking a diuretic to control edema in your lower legs, since you’re peeing out a lot of your Magnesium. And you can fall back on CLE Holistic Health Mineral Drops, and also on standard commercial multivitamin pills.

Magnesium Deficiency Symptoms

Magnesium deficiency is no fun, as already noted. It may lead to weight gain, high blood pressure, heartbeat irregularity, headaches, muscle weakness and spasms, depression, nausea, vomiting, and insulin resistance — which can in turn lead to too-high bloodstream levels of glucose and of triglycerides. If you start to notice some of these conditions in yourself, increase your intake of Magnesium somehow. Don’t overdo the Magnesium supplements, however; a Magnesium overdose can lead to drowsiness, weakness, and diarrhea. CLE Holistic Health Mineral Drops comes to you as a liquid in a bottle having a precisely-calibrated medicine dropper. So you can give yourself just the right amount and no more.

Magnesium Benefits

Magnesium has many other beneficial functions in human bodies; some sources claim that it is used in our bodies in 300 different ways! Besides those uses already mentioned, it’s very good for our nervous systems and our immune systems, and it’s vital for building strong muscles and strong bones. It’s also essential for the health of our joints and our skins; the lack of Magnesium, and also the lack of Zinc, can accelerate the loss of Hyaluronic Acid throughout our bodies, and particularly from our connective tissues and from the fluid that lubricates our joints. Hyaluronic Acid is an extremely-long-chain polymer of sugars, that acts within our bodies to retard the loss of moisture. We inevitably lose some of this little-known but essential stuff as we get older, which can lead to aching joints and sagging wrinkled skin. The Magnesium and the Zinc in CLE Holistic Health Mineral Drops can help us to mitigate the effects of diminished Hyaluronic Acid as we get older.

CLE Holistic Health Mineral Drops, like other CLE natural-health products, is entirely a CLE product. It is produced by processing minerals from fossilized plants that lived several tens of millions of years ago, according to CLE’s own proprietary methods. So it was once part of the metabolisms of natural living things; thus, it’s readily absorbed and used by our bodies. It’s provided as a concentrated herbal liquid. in a bottle featuring an accurately-calibrated medicine dropper, so that folks can add just the right amount to their coffee, tea, milk, water, or whatever. Want to give it a go?


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