Director John Singleton’s Death Paves Way for High Blood Pressure Awareness in African American Men

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Director John Singleton’s Death Paves Way for High Blood Pressure Awareness in African American Men

John Singleton’s death has caught fans completely off guard. At just 51 years old, the successful director, screenwriter, and producer seemed young and healthy to those around him, but his death raises awareness of a conversation that physicians have been having for some time now. In fact, Singleton was in a demographic at particularly high risk for the very thing that claimed his life - stroke.

A stroke, clinically known as a cerebrovascular accident (CVA), occurs when blood flow to a portion of the brain is obstructed. This part of the brain is starved of oxygen and nutrients, causing terribly symptoms, and in the case of 140,000 Americans each year, death. For African American men, however, the rate of fatal stroke is higher than other demographics.

Black men in America are twice as likely than to have a stroke than their male peers, and black men who have a stroke are 60% more likely to die than white men.

What causes stroke? High blood pressure is the biggest factor, and it just to happen to be that high blood pressure is more likely in African American men. High blood pressure, or hypertension, typically doesn’t have major symptoms, which is why it’s often called “the silent killer”. Risk factors for high blood pressure include issues that plaque African American men the most: diabetes, obesity, smoking, and sickle cell anemia. As it stands, more than half of African American men have high blood pressure.

In high blood pressure, the chronic force of blood against artery walls can cause numerous issues within the cardiovascular system. Not only can high blood pressure cause stroke, but it can also contribute to cognitive dysfunction, dementia, depression, blood clots, narrowing of the arteries, and other problems that can have major impacts on well being. The importance of lowering high blood pressure naturally and/or with medicine is evident.

The good news is that high blood pressure and stroke can be prevented. It all starts with a checkup to see if high blood pressure is already present. If it is, then medication can help control it. Either way, both diet, and exercise can be implemented to stop high blood pressure. One supplement, Alistrol, is the world’s first clinically proven and all-natural blood pressure supplement. It can be used alone or alongside medications to help reduce or prevent high blood pressure. Within 2-4 weeks, most people who use Alistrol report seeing results.

While this beloved Hollywood figure’s death was a shock to those who followed him, John Singleton’s life will be remembered for all time. Hopefully, his death will serve as a reminder for black men to get their routine checkups, work to prevent high blood pressure with diet and exercise, and treat high blood pressure should it become an issue. You can learn more about the high blood pressure natural remedy Alistrol here.

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