The Importance of Taking High-Quality Minerals Daily

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Minerals are the most important micronutrient that a human body needs to take every day. It keeps us living a long and healthy life.

People don't realize that they are just a bag of water, held together by minerals (the nuts and bolts) and run on electricity.

Our bodies produce zero minerals. With crops grown in depleted soil, processed food and cooking (in a microwave for example), bad pollution getting into our lungs, we get very few high quality, pure minerals and our health suffer as we age and this deteriorates our bodies.

There are over 10 Trillion cells in your body. Each of these cells has a specific purpose. Once every 5 years, the human body replaces almost every cell it has with a fresh new cell (the exception being brain cells). After each new cell is generated, your body must synthesize DNA to program these cells. Simply stated, DNA is a complete map of your body that lists the purpose, placement, and function of trillions of cells. 

DNA synthesis is not possible without the proper amounts of minerals & micronutrients. If our bodies produce a cell that can't be programmed by a specific DNA sequence (a set of instructions) then it becomes dormant (it just sits there doing nothing). If enough of these non-programmed cells are produced they are thought to cause tumors. Proper programming of cells requires taking essential minerals daily.


By taking CLE Mineral Drops every day, a person is able to protect against age-related health conditions and diseases. The environment and the pollution is destroying our cells in the body which are causing many serious health problems like cancer and cardiovascular disease and by taking CLE Mineral Drops daily, these high-quality pure minerals and micronutrients, we can protect ourselves and live a long and healthy life.




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