Winter’s Coming in North America. How’s Your Vitamin D3 Doing?

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Thanksgiving and Daylight Savings Time are over and done with for 2015 here in North America, and apparently also in the United Kingdom. But your body still needs healthy amounts of Vitamin-D-complex Vitamins, particularly of Vitamin D3, to function as it should.

Vitamin D Deficit

A little Review: The further North you live, the less sunlight falls upon the Earth and upon you, and the bigger your potential Vitamin D deficit becomes. Vitamin D3 is actually a fat-soluble steroid hormone, biochemically different from other Vitamins, and not available in your usual foodstuffs in amounts adequate to maintain your good health. Our bodies have evolved to produce the necessary amounts of Vitamin D3 from sunlight blazing down upon our skins, back when our ancestors were tropical ‘naked apes’ and actually did run around naked all day. Moving to colder climates and wearing clothes messes this natural process all up.

Consequences of Vitamin D Deficiency

Vitamin D deficiencies are consequently very common in areas far removed from the tropics. Scotland is one such area. Vitamin D deficiencies are BAD for you; they can cause severe health problems, and deny you important health benefits. A recent brief Scottish study, carried out by researchers from Queen Margaret’s University in Edinburgh, Scotland, sought to somewhat quantize these problems and benefits. Volunteer participating subjects, matched by age and weight, were given either 50 micrograms of supplemental Vitamin D, or else a placebo, each day for a period of two weeks. After the two weeks were up, the participants were put through a series of tests; those who had received the Vitamin-D-supplement gelcaps not only showed lower blood-pressure levels, but also had lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol, than those who had received the placebo gelcaps.

How Vitamin D Supplements Help?

One startling and unanticipated result of this study was that subjects in the Vitamin-D group showed dramatic increases in their abilities to perform and to tolerate physical exercise. The bicycling distance that they could cover in twenty minutes rose from 5 kilometers to 6.5 kilometers, AND yet their measured signs of physical exertion were LOWER — which the researchers attributed to the actions of Vitamin D-complex Vitamins against cortisol, which can shrink the diameters of blood vessels. (Note to Americans: A kilometer is approximately 5/8 of a mile.)

Americans Don’t Get Enough Vitamin D

Previous studies have found that many Americans don’t get enough Vitamin D — maybe 40% of Americans overall, but up to 95% in some age groups. Children and old folks are prone to special risks of Vitamin-D deficiency. Several thousand International Units (IUs) of Vitamin D taken daily are believed to lower one’s risk of coming down with cancer, cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, and depression, and of undergoing weight gain. And one good side effect is noticeably-increased physical strength and endurance. Plus stronger bones and teeth, improved ability to absorb and to obtain benefits from other nutrients, and maybe even a longer lifetime.

CLE Vitamin-D3 Supplements

So, as darkness starts falling in the middle of the afternoon where you live, consider taking a Vitamin-D3 supplement. CLE Holistic Health is all ready with a good one for you, packaged into convenient 5000-International-Unit gelcaps, that can also provide you with several dozen trace minerals, and won’t interact with any prescription medicines that you may already be taking. Gulping down one of these CLE Vitamin-D3 gelcaps every day, while eating healthy food and drinking healthy beverages, should propel you forward into safe-Vitamin-D-levels territory. So, try CLE Holistic Health Vitamin D3, and benefit!


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