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Do Eating Habits Affect the Risk of Developing Type II Diabetes?

Do you usually eat your midday meal and evening meal at home? Or are you constantly in a rush, gobbling fast-food meals on the run? A new large-scale Harvard University study, by Geng Zong and some of his colleagues at Harvard’s T. H. Chan School of Public Health offers a quantitative take on how these eating habits can affect your risk of developing Type II Diabetes.

Previous studies had convincingly tied fast-food consumption among adolescents to blood-glucose spikes, overweightness, obesity, insulin resistance, too-high triglyceride levels, and subsequent Type II Diabetes. Zong’s group wanted to see if the same linkages would hold true for adults. They do.

Possible reasons for this effect include the use of processed ingredients and unhealthy fats in fast food meals because they’re cheaper, and drinking sodas sweetened with sugar or high-fructose corn syrup along with those meals. 99,000 adults were surveyed about their eating habits for their midday meals and evening meals, over a three-decade period; those folks who normally ate both meals at home had a 13% lower risk of developing Type II Diabetes, as compared with those folks who ate six or fewer home-cooked midday and evening meals during each week. The study did not address their breakfast-eating habits.

How to Make Healthier Choices when Eating Out

Zong recommends that, if you do have to eat out, you should avoid fast-food places. Standard sit-down restaurants usually have a detailed printed menu, from which you can try to select healthier choices. And, of course, you can try to choose restaurants that make a noticeable effort to serve healthier food.

Home cooking can be very helpful, but it is not a panacea. You still need to be very conscious of how many calories you’re taking in, and also of what kind of calories they are. Family-style or buffet serving of foods may make it easier for you to eat healthily at home. And you may have some say about what groceries are purchased at the market, so that you can thereby urge buying more dark bread, veggies, fish, chicken, turkey, and lean meat.

Reduce your Diabetes with Herbal Products

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