Smoking Is Slow-Motion Suicide

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Even if you smoke just because you Enjoy The Taste of Fine Tobacco, and you don’t believe that you’re actually hooked on a lethal unhealthy habit, you still should be aware that Lung Cancer isn’t the only way that your Enjoyment Of Fine Tobacco can make you croak.

What are the health risks of smoking?

Smoking and Artery Blockage

Ingredients in tobacco smoke can also cause your ‘sympathetic nervous system‘ to immediately go a bit haywire and become over busy. This nervous-system over activity can in turn then cause your blood pressure, your pulse rate, and your heart’s squeezing force all to go up, all of which then causes your oxygen consumption to go up a bit too much. Meanwhile, if you’ve been smoking regularly for some time, other biochemical effects of your Fine Tobacco habit have been making the walls of your arteries stiffer, so that they can’t expand and contract as well to adjust for fluctuations in your blood pressure, and also interfering with the operation of your heart’s left ventricle. Overall, a terrific recipe for making yourself vulnerable to strokes as well as to various unwanted ‘heart events.’

Smoking and Kidney Failure

And that’s not all. Your kidneys are your body’s filters for cleansing your bloodstream of various crud that gets into it from what you eat, and from the metabolization of what you’ve eaten and digested by your various other bodily organs. Your circulatory system supports this function of your kidneys by means of its arterial glomeruli, which are small capillaries via which your blood flows through your kidneys. These glomeruli don’t empty into your veins the way that most of your other arterial-circulatory-system capillaries do; they empty back into the arterial part of your circulatory system, conveying now-cleaner filtered blood, which is logical if you think about it. But this circulatory-system routing implies that your blood pressure is already greater for where these capillaries empty out than for where your other arterial-circulatory-system capillaries empty out.

That fact, together with the walls of your glomeruli getting stiffer from your smoking just as the rest of your arterial walls do, is hard on your kidneys and over time can cause them to fail. So, at that point in time you’ll just have to learn to enjoy the process of undergoing your frequent dialysis-treatment visits.

Facts About Smoking Tobacco

Some interesting statistical factoids about smoking:

  • The estimated number of cigarette smokers worldwide: 1,300,000,000
  • The estimated number of cigarette smokers in ‘developing countries.’: 1,066,000,000
  • How many people will be killed by smoking tobacco in 21st Century: 1,000,000,000 (estimate)

About 82% of cigarette smokers live in ‘developing countries.’ And this estimate excludes folks who Enjoy Their Fine Tobacco in the form of cigars, pipefuls, and hookahs. If current trends continue apace (always an important disclaimer!), about 1,000,000,000 folks will be killed by their love of Fine Tobacco during our 21st Century.

Can smoking make you lose weight?

Maybe you’ve tried to quit smoking, and then you’ve seen your bodily weight go up. Aha, you’ve then said to yourself, smoking is good for my health after all! Within your body, much of the nicotine in your Fine Tobacco gets turned into cotinine, which can act as a vasodilator (blood-vessel expander) and thereby can somewhat lower your blood pressure. Not so fast; your first cigarette of the day is estimated to immediately raise your systolic blood pressure on the average by about 20 mm/Hg, and after that your systolic blood pressure all day is likely to remain at a level about 6 mm/Hg higher than that of a lifetime nonsmoker. So you’ll still be much better off if you can discover some nonsmoking technique for keeping your extra bodily weight off.

Quit Smoking

If you do manage to successfully quit smoking, unfortunately all the damage that you’ve done to your body over your years of Enjoying Your Fine Tobacco does not get miraculously healed overnight. Healing yourself will take time. But it will begin to happen.

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