Can Sex Cause Heart Attacks?

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Older North American folks may still remember the delicious scandal of 26 January 1979, when former United States Vice President — who was also a former New York State four-term Governor — Nelson Aldrich Rockefeller suffered a fatal stroke or heart attack at the age of 70. At that moment, Rockefeller was naked and on top of a blinking and equally-naked blonde chick named Megan Marshak, who was 43 years younger than he was — and who was not his wife, but was his ‘Personal Assistant.’ Anyway, Megan Marshak was ably Personally Assisting Nelson Rockefeller, first by giving superb receptive support and accommodation to his considerable libido, and then by helping him go right out of this World — which he apparently accomplished by coming and going simultaneously, as it were.

Rockefeller’s frantic wife and family had his body cremated pell-mell within eighteen hours of his coitus maximus interruptus, so History will never know with absolute certainty whether he died of a stroke or of a heart attack, or if he was in the throes of a humongous massive orgasm at that totally intense moment. A hasty autopsy may have been performed, that indicated a heart attack — reports vary, as to whether or not any autopsy occurred. Rockefeller was a big heavy man, as well as a multi-millionaire, and Megan Marshak had first to struggle out from under his heavy corpse. Actually, he wasn’t yet quite totally dead; Marshak, panicked, first called a girlfriend to come over and help her. They hurriedly dressed Rockefeller’s body, putting his right shoe onto his left foot and his left shoe onto his right foot, and finally got around to calling 911 for an ambulance after about an hour — by which time it was in any case too late to revive Rockefeller.

But, what a way to go . . .

This tragic-yet-hilarious episode raises the serious health question: Can sex cause heart attacks or strokes for an older man, resulting in death? Or, for that matter, an older woman?

A quick but somewhat surprising answer is that it may — if the sex isn’t the socially approved sex between a man and his wife, or his longtime partner. There is, actually, some legitimate medical-research supporting this odd conclusion; marital or partner sex doesn’t seem to cause serious blood-pressure spikes, but extramarital sex or outright wild fornication does tend to cause them. It would seem that the naughty thrill of doing something that’s Obviously Against The Rules causes some added bodily stress, far beyond that arising from normal marital or partner sex.

It’s a well-worn cliché that Sex Is An Important Part Of Life. Medical researchers believe that sufferers from Cardiovascular Disease (CVD), like other adults, should be allowed to have sex. CVD patients should, however, first go through a complete medical checkup, including compiling their medical history and undergoing a comprehensive physical examination. Then, if their symptoms are stable, and their bodies are otherwise functioning in the way that they should be functioning, Onwards!!

If their symptoms aren’t stable, attempts to stabilize their symptoms are in order; and probably the patients should undergo exercise testing. CVD Patients who are subject to Anxiety and/or Depression can benefit from some expert counseling, specifically about sexual matters.

There’s a need for more research into the risks and benefits of sex for CVD patients — particularly, female patients.

Nonetheless, the statistical risk is extremely low among the general population for sudden death from having sex, like what happened to Nelson Rockefeller.

But there’s considerably more risk of a less-dire outcome — Erectile Dysfunction (ED), for guys with CVD; meaning, they can’t get it up and make it get hard, or keep it hard, long enough to have sex. High blood pressure affects some guys that way, by interfering with their bodies’ ability to increase blood flow when more is needed. For healthy men, having sex does raise their blood pressure somewhat — as would jogging, swimming, tennis, or fast dancing. The men at highest risk are those sedentary guys with a history of high blood pressure, who suddenly start taking Viagra or a competing male-sexual-enhancement drug; as their bodies gyrate around during sex, so does their blood pressure, and some blood vessel in their brains may just go Pop. Such at-risk men should confer with their medical practitioners, before gulping down any Viagra or Viagra equivalents. It’s not enough for them just to be taking their anti-high-blood-pressure drugs, even though faithfully taking those drugs may also be crucial to their well-being.

The situation with regard to female CVD patients having sex is more complicated, and is less well understood.

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