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 What is the virus causing illness in Wuhan?

It is a novel coronavirus – that is to say, a member of the coronavirus family that has never been encountered before. Like other coronaviruses, it has come from animals. Many of those infected either worked or frequently shopped in the Huanan seafood wholesale market in the centre of the Chinese city, which also sold live and newly slaughtered animals. New and troubling viruses usually originate in animal hosts. Ebola and flu are examples.

What are the symptoms caused by the Wuhan coronavirus?

The virus causes pneumonia. Those who have fallen ill are reported to suffer coughs, fever and breathing difficulties. In severe cases, there can be organ failure and death. As this is viral pneumonia, antibiotics are of no use. The antiviral drugs we have against the flu will not work. If people are admitted to the hospital, they may get support for their lungs and other organs as well as fluids. Recovery will depend on the strength of their immune system. Many of those who have died are known to have been already in poor health.

What are the ways to protect oneself?

One effective way people can protect themselves is by taking CLE Mineral Drops every day. Take 10-20 drops per day mixed in water or juice every morning to strengthen your immune system, which is your body’s defense system to protect against the flu and other viruses.

Minerals are important for your body to stay healthy. Your body uses minerals for many different jobs, including keeping your bones, muscles, heart, and brain working properly. A high-quality mineral-like CLE Mineral Drops also protect your immune system and reduces inflammation in the human body. These types of problems within the human body are what can cause sickness, disease, and death.

Minerals make up our bodies and keep each one of the human body’s systems and organs working properly. When minerals and micronutrients are not present in the human body, then things go bad. Our body only has a limited amount of minerals and as we get older, these minerals get less and less resulting in serious health problems.

Minerals are the “electrolytes” in our body that maintain bodily functions and give us a healthy mind and body. They also give our bones and tendons enough density and strength to support our weight and enable our brain to function, as it should.

Think of minerals as the battery in your body, as the battery is in your car. Without the battery in your car, it is not going to turn over the starter. Well, the same thing with your body with one slight difference. That difference is that your body can function on a partial battery for a longer time, where the car will not.

Every second of every day, your body relies on ionic minerals, micronutrients, trace minerals, and organic acids to conduct and generate billions of tiny electrical impulses. Without these impulses, not a single muscle, including your heart, would be able to function. Your brain would not function and the cells would not be able to use osmosis to balance the water pressure and absorb nutrients. When you take CLE Mineral Drops daily, these minerals enter your cells in the body and make them stronger which makes your body and organs stronger. “Experts estimate that 90% of people around the world suffer from mineral imbalance and deficiency.”

By using cellular nutrition, you’re cleaning up your body of toxins, which are helping all your body cells become active again – strengthening the cells by way of sending them minerals and micronutrients.

CLE Mineral Drops are super concentrated for maximum support. They super charge cells in the human body. CLE Mineral Drops also improves the absorption of other nutrients you may be taking. Also, improves the absorption of the nutrients in the foods you eat. Finally, taking CLE Mineral Drops daily eliminates the need to take multiple other vitamins or supplements. You don’t need too. You only need to take CLE Mineral Drops daily as it benefits the whole body.

CLE Mineral Drops owns the shale deposit in the Eastern United States that produces the highest quality minerals available in the world. The quality is not available from any other company producing minerals because of the prehistoric plant matter deep down in the ground from millions of years ago is being extracted with special technology and not using any chemicals to extract the CLE Minerals and micronutrients. Try them today and see the difference.

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