Research Reveals Timing of High Blood Pressure Is Everything

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Research Reveals Timing of High Blood Pressure Is Everything


Seven in ten people who have been diagnosed with high blood pressure are taking some sort of high blood pressure medication, but now, experts are wondering how important timing is in the efficacy of prescription medications designed to reduce high blood pressure.

 High blood pressure, which is clinically called hypertension, impacts approximately 75 million people and leaves those affected vulnerable to stroke, aneurysm, eye damage, heart disease, heart attack, cardiac failure, kidney disease, and more. All of these risks have led doctors to be very wary of high blood pressure and act fast by way of treatment with prescription medications designed to reduce and stabilize blood pressure.

 For years, doctors have prescribed these medications and encouraged their patients to take these medications first thing in the morning. Taking medications early in the day makes it easier to remember and reduce missed doses. A recent study revealed, however, that taking high blood pressure medications in the morning might not be for the best.

 It was found that taking prescriptions for the control of hypertension at bedtime yielded better-controlled blood pressure and a lower risk of death or illness from heart problems versus those who took their medications first thing in the morning. Taking high blood pressure medications at night has been clinically shown to yield half the risk of dying from a heart problem and reduce the risk of heart attack, stroke, heart failure, and other cardiac problems.

 This could be quite troubling for those who are considering taking high blood pressure medications, those who’ve recently discovered they have elevated blood pressure, and those who have been taking blood pressure reducing medications for an extended time, and it also comes at a time when more and more people are seeking ways to lower high blood pressure naturally.

 High blood pressure treatment doesn’t have to solely be prescription based. In fact, controlling blood pressure can be done naturally. If you are considering a natural alternative, be sure that you do consult with your physician before discontinuing a medication you’re currently taking or adding something new to your treatment regimen.

 All-natural Alistrol, a high blood pressure natural remedy, is being seen as one of the premier natural high blood pressure and heart health supplements. Within a few months of use, positive results are typically seen, and this can be freeing for those who are concerned with the possible dangers of using high blood pressure prescription medications.

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