Overweight Folks Are The Latest Big Problem That Research Has Found

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Those folks right on the edge of being overweight now can enjoy worrying about a less-obvious problem — being overweight, which isn’t exactly the same thing according to recent research results.
The researchers in terms of the circumferences of body parts — the waist, and the hips, define overfatness. Waist-to-Hips Ratios (WHRs) exceeding 1.0 for adult men and 0.86 for adult women are alleged to increase the risk of obesity-related bad health conditions and events, including diabetes, cardiovascular disease, fatty liver, metabolism syndrome, heart disease. High blood pressure, which equates to outright death. Most overweight people continue living, but the researchers allege that their quality of life is reduced.
Being overweight is ‘a disease of affluence. The researchers in this area estimate that in thirty developed countries; there are more overweight people than obese people. More than nine out of ten white men in the United States (90.9%), Iceland (93.6%), and Greece (91.4%) qualify as overweight — with women not faring much better — along with almost five out of seven white men (84.5%) in Canada.
Also in Canada, more than two-thirds (68.5%) of women, almost half (48%)of male children, and almost as many (44%) of female children qualify as overweight too.
Not all researchers in this area choose to use the terms ‘overfat’ and ‘underfat.’ Still, it’s estimated that somewhere between 62% and 76% of the world’s human beings would qualify as overfat, and thus at risk for unhealthy events or conditions. The researchers feel that using WHR as well as BMI (Body-Mass Index) and weight gives a more-accurate picture of people’s actual health risks, and is also very helpful as a reference during any necessary body-fat-related treatment.
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