Depression: The Hidden Illness Impacting Millions Around the World

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While it can’t be seen from the outside, depression is an illness that impacts approximately 322 million people around the world with symptoms ranging from sadness to suicidal thoughts. To make depression even more complex, it affects women and men differently. For instance, in women, symptoms of depression more commonly include feelings of guilt and worthlessness, while men are more prone to depression symptoms such as irritability, anger, and reckless behavior. While some people can detect when they are depressed, many aren’t even aware of the extent of their feelings. To make depression even more complex, there are several different kinds of depression.

 The most commonly diagnosed form of depression is a major depressive disorder. In major depressive disorder, hallmark symptoms include loss of interest in usual activities, sadness, appetite changes, problems sleeping, exhaustion, difficulty concentrating and making decisions, and feelings of guilt and worthlessness. In persistent depressive disorder, a diagnosis is made after the patient complains of a sad, dark mood that’s present for most of the day over a period of at least two years with symptoms that can include fatigue, difficulty making decisions, feelings of hopelessness, and low self-esteem.

There are also more specific types of depression that can be tied to precise conditions. For instance, women can experience a form of depression called a premenstrual dysphoric disorder, or PMDD. This is closely tied to classic PMS but presents with much more severe symptoms leading up to a menstrual cycle, such as extreme feelings of tension and anxiety, increased moodiness and anger, and feelings of general sadness and hopelessness.

 In another specific kind of depression, called seasonal affective disorder (SAD), patients experience seasonal depression that is most commonly tied to the winter season. Experts believe that it’s possibly related to the shorter days of winter and lessening amounts of sunlight.

Combating depression is crucial for a person to thrive. If you feel that you could be experiencing depression, or if you have already been diagnosed with depression, then know that there are many ways to lessen the symptoms you’re experiencing. Outside of prescription medications, it’s important to follow a daily exercise routine and a healthy diet to ensure your best physical and mental health. In addition, certain supplements have been shown to reduce the symptoms of depression.

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