Treat Depression and Anxiety Naturally

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A depressing factoid: An estimated one out of twenty Americans suffers from depression — about fifteen million folks. Because of the many sociological similarities between the United States and Canada, it’s probably fair to add one out of twenty Canadians to that estimate.  However, there are ways to treat depression & anxiety naturally. 

Types of Depression

There are many types of depression, and not all of them are equally serious. Almost everyone feels ‘blue’ at times, but most people get back to ‘normal’ for them fairly soon. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is common in areas subject to extended darkness during winters, but at least SAD generally lightens up during sunnier weather. But then there’s major depression (clinical depression), which can be totally disabling. And there are various levels of depression in between.

Depression is treatable, by both psychological and pharmaceutical techniques. And then there’s CLE Holistic Health Mood Effex, which is a natural vegetarian herbal remedy based on ancient Asian herbal medicines and can help many folks who are suffering from mild to medium depression to feel better.

Many people with some degree of depression act quite normal. They get up in the morning, take their showers, eat their breakfasts, and then if it’s a workday for them they go to work. One might think, from the way that depressed folks are portrayed on television, that they behave quite differently from other folks who are not experiencing depression — but this generally isn’t true. The media have some catching up to do, in their portrayals of mental illness in general and of depression in particular.

Depression Symptoms

Still, depression is a serious clinical condition. It is not a moral failing; and it generally isn’t something that people can just ‘snap out of’ by applying their willpower. It can have a mixture of psychological and physiological causes, including a personal history of having been abused early in life — but, also including having had the wrong kind of bacteria take over in their digestive systems. Once accurately diagnosed, it is generally treatable. And some folks do get better, or even get over their depression, spontaneously on their own. A diagnosis of depression is not necessarily a lifetime sentence.

Still, during episodes of depression, people can be quite seriously impaired. They may suffer from fatigue, irritability, inability to concentrate, and loss of interest in things that were formerly pleasurable for them. They may need to tell their coworkers or even some members of their families that they are “going through difficult times,” without sharing much more than that minimum amount of information.

Psychotherapy for Depression

Effective psychotherapy for depression tries to get depressed people to rethink the assumptions and mental habits that have made them depressed. They may feel that they have screwed up their lives, and they may be blaming themselves, which in turn makes them feel even more depressed. ‘Positive thinking‘ generally won’t fix their depression. But sometimes realistic thinking can help — accurately assessing the validity of their beliefs, and identifying and challenging and altering their negative internalized self-fulfilling prophecies. People must be honest and cooperative with their therapists, willing to candidly open up, and able to resume abandoned pleasurable activities even when they don’t feel like doing so.

Treat Depression and Anxiety Naturally

Even depressed people who aren’t formally receiving therapy can improve the structures and routines of their lives; to eat more of what’s good for them, to exercise, to socialize with folks whom they enjoy being with, to change their perspectives to see opportunities instead of obstacles, and even to take on some volunteer work that helps others. Don’t be a perfectionist about it; the key notion here is an improvement.

For a deeper understanding of depression, read the three-part article that begins with

CLE Holistic Health Mood Effex can help, too. It is formulated from the extracts of seven herbs, that have all been used in Indian Ayurvedic, Chinese. and European natural medicine practice for thousands of years to treat depression and anxiety naturally:

CLE Mood Effex is available as accurately premeasured 500-milligram gelcaps, and it is not known to interact with most prescription medicines — so you can generally try it regardless of other medications that you may already be taking. However, if you are depressed, you do need to be checking in sometimes with a competent medical professional. And. if you are female and pregnant, you should wait until your baby is delivered before you start taking Mood Effex.

Like other CLE vegetarian health products, it is prepared from herbs grown organically on CLE’s own land, and harvested and processed according to CLE’s own proprietary methods, for strict quality control. So, it’s now time for you to cheer up, and maybe to give CLE Mood Effex a go and try the medially proved natural depression supplement!

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