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Blood Pressure Support

Health Canada NPN # 80047013

High blood pressure is known as the silent killer and is the number #1 risk for stroke and a major risk for heart disease. It’s important to maintain healthy blood pressure to live a long and healthy life. All Natural Alistrol is the leading clinically tested and proven blood pressure formula that works and works well. With a reorder rate of over 90% and recommended by top Doctors from around the world, it’s the only proprietary formula that is grown on our own farms and licensed by Health Canada.

Premium Hawthorn Berry Extract | Tier 1 Daikon Seed Extract | GarlicSeed Extract | Pure Holly Leaf Extract

Recommended Dosage: 
Take 3 capsules twice, daily (before breakfast and before dinner). Best results noticed within 2-4 weeks of regular use.

Alistrol Product Information (pdf)

Doctor Validation Letter (pdf)

Testimonials (pdf)

Clinical Study (pdf)

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