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Pet Vaccinations – Dogs, Cats, and Ferrets

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Your companion pet is likely to need pet vaccinations — ‘shots’ — just as you are yourself. Dogs, cats, and ferrets are all mammals, and consequently they have physiological and biochemical similarities to us human mammals. Their similarities are not too close, however; dogs, cats, and ferrets are all carnivores, whereas we humans are primates — which are a different major category of mammal.

Dogs, cats, and ferrets belong to different families within the general group of carnivores. They are perhaps as closely related to one another as we humans are to chimpanzees, gorillas, or orangutans. Thus, the diseases that can affect them are somewhat different, although not totally different.

Dogs, cats, ferrets, and humans are all subject to rabies, a viral disease which is very serious, is mostly fatal, and is difficult to treat once it has taken hold — although early vaccination against it is quite effective. Thus, anti-rabies vaccine is a core vaccine for dogs, cats, and ferrets, meaning that it should be given to all of these pets, regardless of the particular life history of a given pet. American states often require rabies vaccination for dogs and for cats. Humans generally get rabies shots after they have been bitten by dogs or by wild animals.

Rabies vaccine is usually given to pets combined as one injection with other core vaccines, to minimize the number of uncomfortable different shots to which the pet must be subjected. For dogs, these other core vaccines include canine distemper, canine hepatitis aka adenovirus, and canine par influenza; the combined vaccine is called DAPP. For cats, these other core vaccines include feline distemper aka pan leukopenia. feline calicivirus. and herpes virus aka rhinotracheitis; the combined vaccine is called FVRCP. For ferrets, the core vaccine protects the ferret against the canine distemper virus and against rabies, but is slightly different in composition from the DAPP shot given to dogs.

Non-core vaccines aren’t typically recommended or legally required for all pets, but may still be quite important in individual cases, particularly for those dogs and cats that are allowed to roam outdoors. Ferrets normally don’t get to roam outdoors, since unlike dogs and cats they’re not good at staying within or close to their owner’s property, nor at finding their way back home from elsewhere. For dogs, non-core vaccines generally include those for Bordatella, a bacterial respiratory ailment; Leptospirosis, another bacterial disease; and Lyme disease. a bacterial condition spread by tick bites that also can affect humans. For cats, the important non-core vaccine is the one for Feline Leukemia Virus.

Besides vaccinations, there’s now also CLE Holistic Health Pet-Sentials, a wholesome organic vegetarian product created by CLE for companion pets. Among its other benefits to pets, it strengthens their bodily immune systems and thus complements the benefits of vaccinations. Pet-Sentials is a synergistic blend of five herbal extracts, some of which have been used for millennia by traditional healers to treat humans in many parts of our World. It’s offered by CLE as a powder that can be sprinkled onto a companion pet’s food thereby eliminating any need to force the pet to swallow capsules or pills; it even seems to taste good to pets. Like CLE’s herbal products for humans, Pet-Sentials is produced entirely from herbs grown on CLE’s own farming plots, and harvested, processed, and packaged entirely by CLE employees, for excellent control of product quality, uniformity, and purity. Why don’t you give your companion pet a break, and try Pet-Sentials

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